Kyrgyzstan: Trekking in the miracle of Alay, Sary-Mogol, enjoy your travel in Kyrgyzstan 9 day


Day 1. Osh- Kozho-Kelen (about 100 km 3.5 hours)

Drive from Osh to Kozho Kelen. Along the road, you can see exotic nature (mountains,

Herbs, flowers and shepherds life). As well visible on the way The Papan reservoir, that

Provides all Osh city residents with water and it is used for irrigation the agriculture of

Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. The road is 100km about 3.5 hours to reach the Kojo-Kelen.

The condition is dirty but not bad. The road goes along the Ak-Buura River and both sides

of road surrounded with green juniper mountains. Upon arrival to Kozho Kelen (2230m

asl) we will have lunch at guest house and have an acclimatization hike (2-3 hours). We will

visit Blue Grot and waterfall. We will return back to guest house and have a rest and




 Day 2. From Kozho – Kelen to Kyzyl – Chara (Shoro) village (6-7 h. walking)

We will begin the second day of the tour on the slopes of the beautiful Cretaceous

mountains of Kichik-Alai. First, we cross the Sary-Bel pass (3150m). straight away we cross

the Kosh-Moinok pass (3220m). and go down to the homestay in the Kyzyl- Chara small

village. if it rains or gets tired then we stop at the Kok-Moinok gorge, we spend the night in

a tent at 2400m.



 Day 3. From Kyzyl-Chara to Kichi Sary Mogol Campsite before the Sary-Mogol pass. (6-7hours


After a little passage from Kyzyl-Chara there is a small village Sary-Mogol from here we forward to the

South side then Go up along the mountain river, in both sides there are cliffs and subalpine and alpine

Meadows represent a very diversity of landscape.

First of all while hiking, every step is visible of crying marmots,

Birds in these natural zones are also numerous, and a large number of them are predators: the neck,

bearded vulture, golden eagle, owl, and hawk and also exists in this area of ​​rarely visible animals wolf,

fox, badger, wild boar, mountain goats, jackals

As we approach the height so we feel that we are closer to the mountains of Pamir-Alai

Upon arrival at the camp, set up your tents and get ready for the evening meal. 3200m.

Day 4. Cross the Sary-Mogol’s pass (4300m) — Camp of Sary-Mogol pasture.

Steep pass In fact the distance is not long, but the pass takes time. An incredible sense

of the landscape, you feel like in the sky, the height of the Pamir-Alay begins from the

Sary-Mogol pass (4300 m) and down the pass lie amazing 4 rocky lakes (Besh-Kol) and

the water that connects the lakes with each other, finally flows into the cave.

Depending on weather conditions we set up a tent around the lake or a few meters

down to protect from wind and cold. Overnight at 3000m



Day 5. Walk to Sary-Mogol camp

Approximately 10 km walk along the narrowest gravel path following the water flow we will

come to the pasture of Sary-Mogol, where temporary locals live in yurts on the summer time. But

it lasts not so long, approximately in 4 hours we will come to the place where our camp is located




 Day 6. Walk to next camp over Kara-Kabak

Today we are passing through the territory of Chon-Alay district, one of the most remote areas from

Bishkek. Extensive area and wild mountain landscapes. The second part of the trekking continues in

Chong-Alay Mountains.

We pass through several foothills and upon reaching the place above the village of Kara Kabak. Camp in tent

Time: 8-9 hours

Distance: 15 km

Max Elevation: 3700 m

Min Elevation: 3000m

Overnight at 3000m



Day 7. Kara Kabak – Damdjailoo:

Today we pass a quite long trekking day after passing the hill on right side, we go up to the

Kashka-Suu valley. A path between the juniper and other bushes, in a narrow gorge. Arrival

in the valley Kok Djar, the landscape takes on the width. Pass Kok Crossing Djar to 4120 m.

Descent into lakes and Daimjaïloo Kosh Kol. Setting up camp. Dinner and overnight in tents

at 3870m.

Time: 8 hours

Distance: 20 km

Max Elevation: 4150 m

Min Elevation: 3300m

Overnight at 3870m


Day 8. Damdjailoo – Tulpar Kul (6 walking; 2 hrs.  Driving; 65 km):

Early morning, walk for short time on the lakes for who wants. Visit of Damjailoo lakes circus, also called like the «twin lakes» (Kosh Kol). Then walk down to the yurts of shepherd, from here drive to Tulpar kol.



Day 9. Tulpar-Kol- Osh (4 hours walking; 4.5 hours driving time; 245 km.).

Start from yurt camp, leave the heavy bags in yurt, just you need take picnic then walk to the best view of Lenin Peak and the Base Camp enjoy the panoramic view of huge snow covered mountains,  then come back to the yurt lunch. Further drive to Osh. Accommodation in your hotel. Flight back home with the head full of memories… at least we hope so!