Adventure Pamirhighway

Day 1 /
arrival in Dushanbe airport, we will welcoming you and bring to Guest House. After relaxing sightseeing in Dushanbe town.

Day 2 /
Dushanbe — Khalaikum — 380 km 9-10hrs / drive Transfer from Dushanbe to Kalaikum through Kulob. Excellent views on the way.
We will stop for quick photos along the road. Breathtaking landscape along the Panj River (Amu Darya or the famous Oxus). Across the river lies Afghanistan. We will see many villages. We will drive along the river and we will have a picnic in the pristine nature. stay with Tajik people overnight in homestayBLD

Day 3/
Kalaykum — Rushan8/9hours drive 
Drive to Rushan along the Panj river.After crossing Vanch valley we will enter into the Pamir region and the meet Pamiri population. On the way you can see many different village s.Views of the valley are amazing ,lunch in Chaykana.over night in homestayBLD

Day 4/
Rushan- Jizev1hour drive and walking. Drive from Rushan to Jizev till the bridge (about 40km). After cross the bridge we will start hike up 3hrs to Jizev ,the village is very nice, near small lake ,have a lunch in local peoples house, after lunch walk up to the next village.there will see another  beautiful lakes .2900m overnight in home stay BLD

Jizev- Khorog from Jizev walking down till the bridge 2,5horse when we reach the Jeep 3hours drive to Khorog and having lunch in Khorog, having reached the capital of the Gorno Badahshan Autonomous Oblast GBAO Khorog is small town that at various times has been under the control of the Russia, the Emirate of Bukhara and Afghanistan. The Russian built a fort here in Soviet era. This afternoon visit the beautiful Riverside Khorig Central Park, opened in 2009 by the Aga Khan himself, than vizit to Khorog Pamir Botanical Garden, the second highest in the world, reaching to almost 3,960m, Alpine plants from all over the world are grown in this park like setting, overnight in GuesthouseBLD

Day 6/
Khorog- Yamg continue from Khorog to Yang village ,on the way stop for hot springs at Garm Chashma, after that we reach the mouth of Wakhan river valley, this is where the 19the century Great Game ended, between the Russia and British empires, From here the road continues up along the north side of the river ,there are amazing views of the Pamirs to the left and the Hindi Kush to the right, we will stop along the way for a scenic picnic, after we will vizit Khakha Fortress dating from the third century B, C and rising from a platform of natural rock, just 300m further on is the interesting Ismaili mazar (tomb) of Shahi Mardan Hazrati Ali, after that we move to next Zoroastrian Fortress of Fire Worshipper, overnight in home stay BLD

Day 7/
Yamg-Alichur further drive up the hillside are the hot spring at Bibi Fatima:minerals and very silty, the water at Bibi Fatima is cristal clear. There are several places of interest to stop, above the village of Vrang, on a cliff-side pitted with caves, stands a Buddhist complex dating from 4th 7th centuries. At Yamg, visit the reconstructed home of Sufy  mystic Mubarak Kadam, who died in 1910.near his house there is a stone pillar with a hole in it which he used to calculate a solar calendar, in-Yamg, drive from Yamg to Bulunkul lake & Yashilkul lake, over the Khargush pass (4344m), the terrain is desolate but has a stark beauty to it. Landscapes of the both lakes Yasilkul Bulunkul are magnificent. Visit of a Geyser . Than Alichor village overnight in home stay BLD

Day 8/
Alichor- Bel Ayrik summer we will pass many summer pasture yurts and we will see nomad Etnic Kyrgyz life with animals on the way we will stop for Ak-Balik Holy spring.overnighte in yurt.BLD

      Day 9/
Today we will wolking up to Bel Ayrik pass 4400m to see Zor Kul(victoriya lake)which is situated in Afganistan
Overnigthe in same yurt.BLD

      10 day/

Bel Ayrik-Murgab
Today we will driving to
Center of Eastern Pamir on the way we will stop for Garty gumbez Hot spring and vizit Shakty paint cave 8000BC
Vizit Viwe point of mountains and Meteorit creator on the way.overnigth in homestay BLD

Day 11/

       Today we will hiking up                   Gumbez kol pass                     4300m crossing our driver will drop us to start point of trekking than we will start wolk this afternoon our driver will wait us from other site of Gumezkol 6 7hours wolking
Overnigthe in same homestay

       12 day/
Murgab- to KaraKul lake we will vizit local hanticraft there is possible to find souvenirs handmade from wool of Yak and Sheep.Kara kul (3914)m north of Eastern Pamir over Akbaytal pass (4655)highest point in our journey.the highest salted lake in Central Asia .little walk around lake. overnight in homestayBLD

Day 13/

Kara Kul-Lenin peak
Today we will cross border 140km and over Kyzyl Art pass 4300m
We will see good Landcape of Pamir Trans Alay mountains
Overnigthe in Yurts BLD

Day 14/

Lenin peak-Osh
Today we will drive 180km pass dramatik green mountains of Kyrgyzstan
Vizit Bazar (market)
Overnigte in Eco House
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Jeep 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser-105edition
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Mineral of water(1L per day per person) 
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Travel insurance 
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Any personal expenses 

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