About us

I Bakir Zainidinov a native of the Eastern Pamirs Murghab district of GBAO.basically my work is tourism. Since 2004 I am engaged in the runing guide.our sevises mountain routes throughout the territory of the Republic and neighboring Kyrgyzstan. since 2004 I was a member of the META (Murghab Eco Tourism Association), which was has been established in Murghab. our skills tour guides to Eco tourism in the mountainous conditions. Also participated in seminars trainings on Eco Tourism in the administrative center city Khorog. I finished courses on Eco tourism.


Tajikistan is Country of uniques wild Rivers,Lakes and Mountains.We are glad to show and deeper to explane our Culture and Traditions. welcome to us in the Pamirs.Pamir is a unique place of the Good Souls of Hospitable and Friendly Kind peoples.our Team knows well their job they are Guides, Drivers, Cooks,Porters.We are glad to see you in our Pamir. We hope that you will confirm your summer Holydays with us