15-days trip along M-41 Bishkek Osh Wakhan to Dushanbe

15-days trip along M-41 Bishkek Osh Wakhan to Dushanbe


Day 1
Bishkek — Burana — Sonkul 320 km 6-7 hours
Son-Kul is a mountain lake in the central Tian Shan, virtually in the center of Kyrgyzstan. The name translates from Kyrgyz as “the last lake”.
Lunch on the road
Accommodation: CBT Yurt Camp

Day 2
Sonkul — Naryn — Tash Rabat 230 km 5-6 hours
Tash Rabat is a well-preserved 15th century stone caravanserai in At-Bashy district, located at an altitude of 3,200 meters.
Accommodation: Yurt Stay

Day 3
Tash Rabat — Baetov — Kazarman 245 km 6-7 hours
Accommodation: CBT Homestay

Day 4
Kazarmat — Kaldama pass — Osh 180 km 6-7 hours
Accommodation: Hotel

Day 5
Osh – Tulpar Kul 240 km 5-6 hours.
Tulpar kul near in (Lenin Peak 7134m)
Accommodation: CBT Yurt Camp

Day 6
Tulpar Kul – Kara kul 145 km 5-6 hours
Tulpar Kul — Sary-Tash and cross the border of Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan through the Kyzylart pass h 4300 meters and stop in the village Karakul for lunch and after lunch walk for 30 minutes near the Karakul lake which is at an altitude of 4000 meters.
Accomodation Homstay
Day 7
Karakul Murgab 130km 3/4 hours
This morning we will start at Murghab over the Akbaital Pass, 4,650 meters and arrive at Murghab.
Accommodation: Pamir Hotel or Homestay

Day 8
Murghab — Jarty gumbez hot spring 130km 2/3hours
todayYou will see the local bazaar market and local handicrafts from yak and sheep wool and we leave Murghab on the way I will show you the old Soviet observatory and the Shakty paint cave 8000/5000 B.C.Overnight in Kuban homstay in Garty gumbez
Accomodation Homestay
Day 9
Today we’ll drive to Alichur village and the village of Bashgumboz you will see the old Caravan Shed and the Yak riding for 1 hour and lunch in Yurt after lunch you look at small and clean lake Akbalyk.
Accommodation: Homestay

Day 10
Alichur – Langar 240 km 7-8 hours.
Alichur across the road to the Geyser you will see a geyser and Lake Bulunkul and a very beautiful lake Yashilkul walk on the shore of the lake for 1 hour and lunch the village of Bulunkul in Homestay after lunch we start at Hargush pass and you can go up to the h of 4850 meters to see Hargush panorama for 2 hours and after trekking we will arrive at Wakhan Corridor in the village of Langar
Accommodation: Hostel Bekhruz

Day 11
Langar – Ishkashim 135 km 5-6 hours.
You will see very beautiful nature and interesting places in the Wakhan Valley of Afghanistan, too, after the river Panj. Langar on the way you will see the Buddhist stupa and the museum of the people of Wakhan and the Yamchun fortress and the Bibi Fatima hot spring and lunch. after lunch, in the Wakhan valley, you will still see Fortress Namadgud and we will arrive at the Wakhan center in Ishkashim.
Accommodation: Guesthouse Ren

Day 12
Ishkashim – Khorog 115 km 4-5 hours.
Ishkashim through the source of Garmchashma and the small city of Khorog, the center of GBAO.
Accommodation: Hotel or Guest House

Day 13
Khorog – Jizev (Trek) 90 km 4-5 hours.
in the morning after breakfast, I will arrange for you to visit the Botanical Garden panorama of Khorog and visit the local Bazaar market. 2.30 hours in total and we will leave Khorog in Bartang Gorge by car to the bridge Jizev and then walk to Jizev village and take 2.30 minutes to sleep, there you are see very beautiful nature and the lake.
Accommodation: Homestay

Day 14
Jizev – Kalaykum 210 km 5-6 hours.
From Jizev village you descend back to the bridge. It takes 1.30 hours. I will wait for you at the Jizev bridge and we will leave Bartang valley through the Pamirs highway, have lunch on the way to the road cafe and arrive in the village Kalaykum
Accommodation: Guesthouse Pamir Express or Roma Homestay.

Day 15
Kalaykum – Dushanbe 370 km 6-7 hours.
In the morning we leave the village of Kalaykum through the small town of Kulob and there we have lunch in a cafe and leave Kulob and arrive in the capital of Tajikistan in the city of Dushanbe.